Generate has existed since 1972 to support the lives of people with a learning disability.

We aim to inspire people through our high expectations of what they can achieve.

Generate Values

  • We believe that people with a learning disability have equal rights to non-disabled citizens and that they should be supported to accept responsibilities.
  • We want every person to take their place as an active citizen and realise their individual potential.
  • It is important to us that people with a learning disability are able to articulate or indicate their goals and dreams and we offer or signpost them to the support they need to reach their goals and realise their dreams.
  • We believe the support we offer should have a positive impact on the lives of people with a learning disability.

The Generate Way

We will work with each person to plan and build a positive future. We understand that we need to work with different people in different ways and our support is flexible.

  • Our starting point is the individual and their aspirations
  • We enable decision making and choices
  • We aim to keep people connected and supported by a social network that includes friends, family and acquaintances
  • We encourage people to make the choice to work
  • We develop social and practical skills
  • We offer on-going support that can change according to need and circumstances.

The Generate Impact

  • Independence
  • Choice and control
  • Opportunity
  • Development