Access to Work

Q What is Access to Work?

If you want to work but have a disability or long term medical condition that makes working a problem; and you meet the eligibility, you may be able to get help from the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) Access to Work (ATW) programme.

Download the Department for work & pensions Access to Work eligibility guidance

The Access to Work programme provides practical advice and support to help you overcome employment-related obstacles. It can also award you funding approval towards additional barriers to employment that you may have due to your disability or long term health condition.

Examples of the kind of help available through Access to Work are:

  • A communicator, advocate or BSL interpreter for a job interview, if you’re deaf or have communication difficulties.
  • A support worker, such as a reader; note taker; sighted guide for somebody with a visual impairment; communicator for a deaf person; a specialist job coach for a person with a learning difficulty
  • Specialist equipment (or alterations to existing equipment) to suit your particular needs.
  • Alterations to premises or a working environment to make it more accessible
  • Help towards the additional costs of taxi fares if you cannot use public transport to get to work.

The Generate Access to Work service

The Generate Access to Work service team (ATW) delivers one-to-one employment support staff across London to individuals with a range of disabilities, funded for in-work support through the Department of Work and Pensions’ Access to Work (ATW) Programme.

Generate  is the largest provider of employment support staff for Disabled people funded by the Access to Work programme (ATW)  within London with a wide breadth of scope in terms of location and range of disabilities supported.

Generates experience in this specialist field means that a variety of employment situations are catered for, including individuals that are self-employed.  Generate has over 12 years’ experience in supplying employment support staff under the Access to Work (ATW) programme.

What support can Generate supply?

*Support at interview when applying for work


*Job coaches

*Job Aids


*BSL signers

*Support drivers should you not be able to drive or use public transport.

The Generate ATW service

What it means in practice

You will always have a employment support worker matched to suit the work tasks you need help with and  who understands your role and is experienced in empowering you to achieve success within your workplace

Giving you peace of mind with:

*holiday cover

*Employment support staff that are recruited according to the specific tasks within your job role that you will need support with

*sickness cover within 4 hours of alert

*ACCESS TO WORK (ATW) renewal alerts 3 months from claim expiring

*A team of experienced ACCESS TO WORK (ATW) programme users working with you to help you with your renewal and continual monitoring of your new claim

*We work with you to accurately create a support log

*Supplying you with a bespoke service package and competitive quote

*Employing your employment support worker and paying a salary commensurate with experience, paying holiday and sickness, supplying a workplace pension.

*Monitoring quality of the service throughout your special relationship with the employment support worker

*Completing DP222 claim forms within the period dates set by Access to Work (ATW)

*Being a friend to you, your  line manager and HR business partner

How do I get started?

Whether you are in the process of a current claim expiring, a change in your circumstances,  and having to renew or new to making a claim to Access to Work(ATW) for ‘in work’ support due to a disability or long term health condition, Generate can help you with every stage of your claim

Contact us send mail link or telephone us on 020 8879 6333

What’s next?

We will then arrange

*Meeting with you and (if applicable) your line manager to discuss what support is required

*Working with you to assess the tasks you need an employment support worker for; from a holistic review of your workplace and your own Job Description.

*Working together and agreeing on a comprehensive Job Description for the employment support worker

*Advertising; sifting applications; first stage interviewing and making sure that DBS’s are in place, along with any other licenses for the job

*Forwarding a list of suitable candidates to you to review and select for interview

*Supporting you at interview of your selected applicants.

*Appointing and holding ‘pre start’ briefing meeting with the selected employment support worker

*Accompanying employment support worker on first day to the job to ensure everything is ‘on track’ for a good start

*End of the week review with you and your employment support worker to iron out any difficulties that may arise

*End of the first months support supervision meeting with your employment support worker

*on going’ supervision and quality monitoring

On-going support

Because at Generate we understand the importance of good, reliable and consistent service, also included is

*Holiday cover with a suitably experienced and ‘matched’ member of our employment support staff

* Emergency cover within 24 hours of the Generate’s Access to Work service team being notified of the absence of your employment support worker